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Do you want to advertise your brand in front of readers of Seventh Street Wine? We would love to advertise your brand on our site. The only requirement for advertisement is that you must fall into the category of food, wine and kitchen block then only we will accept your sponsorship.

Sidebar Banner Advertising:

If you still want to advertising using the old school advertising techniques by displaying your poster or banner. We accept posters and banners for our sidebar advertisement and we charge $5 CPM for that.

Sponsored Posts on Our Food Blog:

As per the trend going on in the blogging industry, we have started accepting the sponsorship opportunities. If you want to sponsor an article on our site, we accept the draft article from you featuring your brand or if you want our creative writers can write an article on your behalf.

Newsletter Sponsorship:

If you are looking for the long-term advertisement opportunities, you can get associated with any particular category and sponsor as many articles that fall into that category. All the articles published under that category automatically get published in our monthly newsletter also.

You can choose sponsorship between the following three categories:

  • Life Time Sponsorship Opportunities
  • One Year Sponsorship Opportunities.

Other Advertising:

If you have any other method in mind by which you want us to creatively advertise on our site, just fill in the form below.

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